I am pleased to present you the new method for a personal growth , to control stress and emotions and to get success of life.
It is something that my husband and I are working on together for a few years and now here it is: the hypnoyoga.
Here a small description, done by my husband Mario Caponetto, aeronautic engineer and hypnotherapist, and a very important member of the project INSAYOGA.COM

Mario Caponetto, aeronautic engineer, worldwide mentor for his job, and hypnotherapist for calling and passion.

Mario Caponnetto, aeronautic engineer, worldwide mentor for his job, and hypnotherapist for calling and passion.

«We’re all looking for well being and we know that its born from the balance between body and mind. But, first of all , at the mental level, there must be a balance and an understanding between conscious mind and unconscious mind, I mean an agreement between our intentions and our emotional feelings. For a lot of us this is the most difficult thing to obtain because normally we are victims of external conditioning. It is known that hypnosis is a powerful instrument, that we have to open the doors of our subconscious, and, once we’re in,we can correct our wrong conditioning, and in this way we can cure our anxiety, fear and addictions.
Technically we can reach that using inducement, a particular state of relaxation follow by a verbal suggestion.

The human well being has his roots in the balance of mind and body.

The human well being has his roots in the balance of mind and body.

Yoga is one of the best way to reach the relaxation level needed for the trance, because it creates a strong synergy between body and mind.
In yoga the physical practice is join together with meditation, a mental state where attention moves to subconscious, like happens in hypnosis. But, while in meditation we are looking to move away from thoughts to clear our mind, in hypnosis we can also reprogram the mind to cure his sickness.
Yoga is an unique tool to control body and mind. A session of yoga, before a session of hypnosis, put body and mind in the perfect state for a trance mood.
Yoga and hypnosis are practices with different origins and history, but they have much in common and they complement each other.
The hypnoyoga is the perfect symbiosis for the personal reborn to get the well being of body and mind.
Mario Caponetto


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