The silence fall over an ancient temple while rows of monks with tunics keep the body and the mind still.
With the eyes close, the legs in the lotus position, the eye of the mind looking inside, for hours their disciplined mind stays in this way to meditate.

Meditation has been part of religious and spiritual practice of human kind all along its History.

Meditation has been part of religious and spiritual practice of human kind all along its History.

Sometimes this is what you’re imagining when you pronounce the word meditation.
In fact meditation has been a part of spiritual and religious practice of human kind all along its History. Even if it will take years of constant practice to keep this trance state for hours, the meditation and his many benefits are easy to access for everyone, and it’s also possible that you’re practicing without even realizing.
Meditation simply means the act of think or contemplate. Follow the definition of the Royal Spanish Academy Dictionary  to meditate means  to apply with deep attention the thought to look something, or to reason about the tools to know it or to obtain it».
All over the world it has different names, but the idea is always the same: reach a state where it is easy to focus on one thing. If sometimes you find yourself dreaming with eyes open, for a short time,you are meditating. If you discover yourself attract to a repetitive sounds, like the movement of the wheels or the sound of the train, for example, you were in a meditative state. 
Is the same when you’re reading a book or you loose the sense of the time passing. Sometimes we practice meditation without even realizing it. It happens when we are contemplating something that takes completely our attention for few instants.


Is absolutely normal that your mind, sometimes,fells in a trance state and leaves the present moment goes away. But when a person practice meditation, intentionally, he becomes involved emotionally in a discipline directs to train mind and body to obtain voluntary this trance state. This practice can be used for a lot of different targets, like: relaxation, improving the energy, enlightenment, self- contemplation, to name some.

The meditation has also a lot of benefits for the mental and physical health.

. Boosts the immune system: the stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline could block the immune system, making difficult defend ourself from sickness. Plus, high level of stress have other negative effects on all our body. Practice a meditation- relaxation could reduce or reverse these negative effects.
. Reduces the blood pressure.
. Promote the muscles relaxation.
. Analgesic effects.
. Relieves the insomnia.
. Fights the stress,the anxiety and depression.
. Improves memory, attention, concentration and intellectual performance.
. Boosts the mental agility.
. Improves the creativity.
. Boosts the self- knowing. The self- esteem and the self- control get better
. Improves the empathy and optimist.

It doesn’t matter how you decide to do it, the meditation can benefits all area of your life. You can build a sanctuary of peace in your being. In the most deeper part of your mind you can find your own interior truth and the intention of your life. It doesn’t matter how you come close to it, or why you decide to meditate, there is no doubt that a regular practice can brings benefits on all aspects of your life.



I suggest you an easy meditation which can be done in every moment and place:

1) Take time to look around you. Observe everything around you. Pay attention to colors, textures, shapes and lines.

2) Now close your eyes and listen all the sounds and pay attention to the subtle nuances.

3) Observe the scents.

4) Feel the air temperature, the contact of the ground with your feet, the touch of your clothes with your skin.

5) Listen to any sensorial information you receive.

6) Now focus on your breathing: observe the flow of the air going trough your nostrils, reach the lungs and the reverse journey.

7) Last, simply allow yourself to be part of this moment. Don’t judge what you’re experimenting, simply observe.



If you want practice other meditation, you can find some other in this blog:
. The meditation of light.
. The meditation of the seven chakras.
I hope little by little you get closer to the meditation practice. If you want you can leave a comment about the results.


Noelia Insa Satorre
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  • Shammy Peterson
    Posted at 01:48h, 11 noviembre Responder

    I found it helpful when you said that meditation could be used to improve your energy, offer you relaxation, and have some other benefits. This makes me consider finding an online meditation session that I can join at least twice a week. I always end up suffering from a restless mind due to work-related stress and personal issues, so I will consider your tips.

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