MEDITATION TECHNIQUES : the meditation of the seven chakras.

The meditation of the seven chakras is a driven meditation technique to fix our emotions and unlock the seven chakras.
Sit or lay down in a comfortable position, slowly observe every part of the body. You have to check up your body and observe where are some tensions: don’t judge, let them go, let the parts of your body relax.

If you are laying down, start to pay attention which parts of your body touch the floor: the heels, the calfskin,the muscles,the buttocks,the lower back,the upper back, the back of the hand, the forearms, the elbows, the arms, the shoulders, and the last, which part of your head touch the floor.
Bring your attention to each of these parts, feel how much they weight, feel how much they sink in the floor; you have to feel them heavy and light at the same time. When you reach the complete muscles relaxation, you can start the meditation.

Practica la meditación de los chakras para desintoxicar también tu cuerpo energético y tus emociones.

You can also meditate in a sitting position, in the easy posture, so you can keep it for some minutes. You can choose between lotus position, half lotus position or easy posture. If these posture are difficult for you , sit on your knees and place under your buttock a pillow. The important thing is that the spinal column stays straight and the legs are higher than the knees.

From this situation, where you are in a complete muscular relaxation, start to visualize a red light at the base of your spinal column, where is the first chakra, this is the chakra of survival. This chakra is close for fear. Observe your fears. But don’t escape, think that the fear isn’t real and let it flows.

Imagine now an orange light, three fingers under your belly bottom , at the height of the second chakra, the chakra of water. This chakra is the chakra of pleasure and it is close for guilt. Why are you blaming yourself? What ever it is, accept it, think that you couldn’t acting in a different way, and don’t let the guilt cloud your energy. If you want to be a positive person in this world, you have to start to forgive yourself.

Visualize a yellow light, three fingers on top of your belly bottom,at the high of the solar plexus. The third chakra is the chakra of the fire. Is the chakra of the willpower and it is close for shame. What are you ashamed of? Contemplate it and let it go.

Imagine now a green light at the chest, is the chakra of heart. The fourth chakra is the chakra of love and is close for sorrow. Open to all your sadness. Think that love is an energy that does not disappear. Let your sorrow flows.

Think to a blue light at the high of the throat, is the fifth chakra or the chakra of sound. This chakra is about truth and is close for lies. Do you need to tell something to someone or to yourself? You can’t lie to yourself, be honest.
Observe a purple light in the middle of the forehead, at the high of sixth chakra, and this is the chakra of the inner vision, the interior knowledge, and is close from false perceptions. The biggest of our false perceptions is the fallacy of separation: you are not existing apart from all the things, from all alive being.
Try to feel how your skin disappear slowly slowly, remove the boundaries between you and the Universe . Feel to be part of the Universe.

At last imagine a strong white light at the top of your head, where is the seventh chakra. This is the chakra of the universal cosmic energy in his pure state and it is close from all the things that tied us at this world. Connecting with this energy, you are a drop of this energy, let flow the things that own you, that tied you at this world. Free yourself.
Translation into english: Tania Alicia Piovan

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